How We Got Started


Open Door House of Prayer was birthed out of a cry for night and day prayer to be established on The Treasure Coast of Florida.  In January of 2000, a small group of intercessors were introduced to the Harp and Bowl model of worship with prayer, and thus began the journey of daily prayer meetings in our area. For seven years we gathered for prayer and worship in a local church.

In January of 2007 we were given full title to three acres of property with a house, located in the heart of our city. God unfolded His plan for The Open Door House of Prayer.  We remain amazed as we see God's faithfulness to bring diverse musicians, singers, media missionaries and intercessors with the common understanding that it is God's heart to see continual prayer established on the Treasure Coast.  Excitement fills our hearts as we sense His delight over us, as we align with His plan to build His house, a house of night and day prayer on the Treasure Coast.

Steady and confident in Him we are more convinced that there will be a day in our region "when the fire shall never go out on the altar."   


In 1986 while lying on an exam table at an abortion clinic Pennie Richwine heard the Lord speak saying "there is only one who gives life and takes life." Shaken to the core she instinctively got up and off the table, dressed herself, and walked into the waiting room where she tapped her husband on the shoulder and said "let’s take our baby home." Within minutes of driving they had pulled their car over to watch the Space Shuttle Challenger, lift-off. The rest is history. As the shuttle exploded, Pennie heard the voice say again, "I am the only one that gives life and takes life." She had experienced the Lord giving life and taking life in a matter of minutes.

It was immediately following that her passionate pursuit for God began. Thereafter, both Pennie and her husband David, a college professor, served on staff in many facets of ministry and leadership within the local church body. On January 14th, 1995, after four months of fasting and praying, the Richwines and their daughters encountered the Lord’s presence; for four hours, they were unable to move, prostrate on the floor, manifesting immediate results of healing in their daughters. One was healed of cerebral palsy and the other of dyslexia. Healing revival then spilled over into the local church they attended. Many signs and wonders followed.

This holy visitation became the catalyst that consumed the Richwine family and gave them a longing for the pure presence of God to invade their city. For the first time, they understood their lives were created for Him. This revelation left them determined to give their lives for the cause of Christ.  They began a journey to understand the Biblical model of intercession and God's heart concerning this matter.

Our community is fully convinced; Jesus has invited us to partner with Him in the place of prayer to shift the atmosphere around us. Holding to this truth, Pennie and David, along with the ODHOP community, remain steady in the place of prayer; eagerly anticipating the day when 24/7 prayer is a reality on the Treasure Coast.